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Fall on the Edge of the World/Etched Copper

One of my more intense pieces, I built the frame from scratch in the studio. I used an aggressively crackled panel for the image, patinaed the copper with a combination of hot mixtures and used a separate cold patina for the fastening brads. The gemstone is a Carnelian cabuchon.

Copper border is designed around a Moroccan theme. Overall dimension is 36"x46"; pigment ink panel is 27"x36". Piece was SOLD by the Columbine Gallery in Loveland CO.

Corner Detail (click to enlarge).

Nautilus Shell/Crackle/Etched Copper

In real life, I consider this to be one of the best pieces ofmy career. With hot patinaed copper, crackled fiberglass and brass, it is simple rich.

The border is built on a spiral/rectangle module proportioned of a Root 2 rectangle (length of long side=length of hypotenuse of the square). Reminiscent of an Art Deco design, it's math is a variant of Sacred Geometry.

The shell, representing the classic Archimedian Spiral, is one of my all time favorite images which came at a time when I was finally figuring out my advanced lighting technique. It is set on a beautiful slab of gypsum crystal

Pigment ink panel measures 24"x36"; overall is 38"x47". Frame 2" deep.

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).

Canterbury Bells/Crackle/Etched Copper

With my mixed media work, unlike my straight photography, I consider anything fair in obtaining an end result. Here I desaturated and recropped a very old image and gave it a new life.

Playing with a flourish design, the pattern comes forward while the etched background recedes. Subtle accents of small Swarovski crystals playfully finishes it off. Everything was then finished in a gloss UV lacquer (which does not really register here).

Pigment ink panel measures 30" x 30"; overall is 35 1/2" x 43".

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).

Rose of Sharon/Crackle

I am doing a number of my favorite pieces simply presented as pigment prints on the crackle. As each textured panel is unique, I photograph the final one before printing to match its particular characterists with and appropriate image.

One of my all time most successful images, this piece counts towards the gloss side of the edition; it is completely sold out in this size on the canvas.

Pigment ink panel measures 30"x40"; overall is 37""x47". The finish of the frame is also usually nice.

Corner Detail (Click to enlarge).


This is only a partial listing at this time; a number of other pieces are underway and will be posted shortly.